Awinjo Set


Awinjo is the name given to the backpack collection.

Awinjo is designed with a distinct ‘Dr. Martens’ inspired silhouette.

Handmade from quality leather for the outer part, the raw, unfinished leather lining of the inner part, beads stitched by hand on the external front of the bag and it has brass hook material that joins the leather straps on the back of the bag which is adjustable and perfectly suited to wear on the upper back of the body.

Awinjo means I feel, in the Luo language and it represents the collection of memories.

It’s Inspired by the memory bank of the designer’s past while in her younger days going to school filled with books that outweighed her own body weight.

The designer recalls her mother always buying a new backpack every semester because they weren’t of great quality and the heavy books didn’t help with maintenance. Now that the designer is older, has an eye for good craftsmanship and great expectations to produce quality bags that last long.

The backpack is a winner for your travels, going to school, and packing a lot more stuff than other backpacks.

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  • Measurements 14’’18.5”h× 5.2”w
  • Strap size on the back 25’’- adjustable setting


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Dimensions 10 × 12 × 0.5 cm

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