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Wardrobe Consultancy

Wardrobe consultants do save a lot of your money in the long run.
Having a consultant to help with your wardrobe doesn’t mean you don’t have good fashion sense. It just means you are smart enough to call for professional help when it’s needed. There is enough room for all of us to evolve into our better selves.
We provide a complete closet audit and overall; take stock on each item of clothing that will stay, what goes, what new items you need or you will need, and how to work with the remaining items. We help you put together in style what’s in your wardrobe and give you additional fashion advice.
Depending on the agreement you will have with us, we shall provide you with a lookbook (catalogue) and a styling series of your closet so that you can jog your memory on fashion advice when you are in doubt. It’s always about practicing habits to have that seamless style look and gain more confidence next time you go out shopping.
Wardrobe Consultancy rates are $40 per hour (exclusive of transport)

Fashion Styling Services

Fashion stylist enhances you to look fabulous behind a fashion shoot and eye-catching for a carpet event.

We work in fulfilling great results by creating well-put-together style for the required looks either for fashion shots, music videos, television, films, or theatrical productions and business people.

Erika A. Style has had many years of experience styling for events and photo shoots.

The price list varies with what you would require of us. It may be creating fashion video content with a story or photo shots of the pieces of your brand and not forgetting you may also want to celebrate your personal style journey with video works or photo shots.

The packages differ from one’s need to another; to create your desired outcome it will be best to have a consultation prior so as to give you the price of hourly rates or a day’s rate.
Bookings are required via the store’s line or on the website.

The package may include hiring a fashion stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer or videographer, models, and assistants.

Guideline prices are at $200- $3,500 per day (not including hotel expenses if needed for or traveling outside Nairobi or out of the country)

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