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Akire Upcycled Denim

Transforming second life denim of great quality to a creative new state.


The denim pieces are sourced from secondhand retailers which are carefully hand picked to attain our customer’s expectations;good quality and sustainable .
Sustanibility for our brand is tailoring our approach in social,environmental and economic dimensions of every action.
Once found,we select the specific quality of denim required, this would be 100% cotton,sort the denim grade,the cut,the stitchings and the brand.


We believe in adapting products that have no end of their life and understanding the impact of our business in the environment and the society.

Curating from good brands or great industrial grade denim generates an empowerment journey,by which we choose certain brands that have a good reputation of producing quality time and time again.
The upcycling process also provides employment for the ones sourcing,selecting,designing and hand beading.
The economic dimension of sustaniblity means working to ensure an action that is financially viable in the long term,this helps these people to support themselves and their families.

The reason for picking specific types of denim is to ensure that they reach the standard of natural fibers like 100% cotton that will decompose and reduce the pollution in the landfills compared to synthetic fibers.
Increasing Upcycling process is to reduce the amount of waste being thrown in the landfills either by companies due to there being a surplus or people getting rid of products due to their desire of absurd consumerism.

Behind the Creativity.

Corporations,Brands and Government are made up of individuals.
These individuals have the power to change an organization from within and their influence secures the brand’s or company’s success.
Climate change,Pandemic and Global financial crisis have shown we need to find a way to do business differently. We must think differently to survive and thrive and that means sustainability.
Our Akire brand is two years old and despite the owner of the company being in the fashion field for more than 12 years, the Corona pandemic was a catalyst to find creative solutions and find a new calling.
The fuel of Akire Upcycled denim is mixing designs from different brands and designers.
Re- creating the works from the Western and the African through the use of jeans by using African motifs, beadworks and designs is a perfect marriage to a positive change. All the upcycled jeans are handmade using beads or embroidery.
Bead work, Re-designing and Embroidery is finding ways to have different people working together on their talent and skills .