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Akire Accessories

Scarab Beetle, Horseshoe Crab, And Scorpion In Resin.

The Collections are from Thailand, Malaysia, the Himalayas, and Egypt, all made from real animals.
The scarab beetle earrings are made from beetle wings. The wings are beautiful and iridescent(gold green, blue and turquoise). They maintain this iridescent color when they have died of natural causes.
If they are killed prematurely, the colors of the wings turn black.


The Akire accessory collections are collected when they are dead, dried, and cast in resin.
The Akire accessory collections are then carefully cast into natural resin in Thailand, then assembled in Kenya using materials like brass, silver, and leather.
We believe in adapting products that have no end to their life and through this, we are able to preserve what has deep meaning; spiritually and culturally in its beautiful undisturbed state.


Creating the Akire Accessories that have died from natural causes and then preserving them as an ornament, plays a part in appreciating one cycle of life to another.

The Scarab beetles also help continue the culture and belief surrounding the beetle and its symbolic meaning.

Real Results, Guaranteed

Scarab Beetle, Horseshoe Crab, And Scorpion In Resin.