Ashe Set


Ashe is the name given to the Hobo-style bag.

Handmade from quality leather for the outer part, raw unfinished leather lining on the inner part, cow bones have been as buttons if not a zip, beads stitched by hand on the external front and back.

The Ashe bags come in different qualities of leather, texture, and colors; comfortably suited to wear on the shoulder or across the chest.

Ashe means Thank you in Maasai Language and the source of inspiration comes from the traditional Maasai Olbene bag, re-designed for the modern, urban and voguish being.

As the name means Thank you, we are grateful for the love that has been shared by the younger generation that has made it a hit by purchasing the collection.

The styling looks of the Ashe bags are the best fashion statement that has been accessorized with an individual approach because it’s simple yet chic. Styled with a smart casualwear mostly denim or funk look with a twist

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Measurements of the Ashe collection 13’’ w 17’’ h

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