Aaku Set


Aaku is the name given to the small hobo-style bag
Handmade from quality leather for the outer part, raw, unfinished leather lining of the inner part, cow bones have been as buttons if not a zip, beads stitched by hand on the external front and back.
The Aaku bags come in different qualities of leather, texture, and colors; comfortably suited to wear on the shoulder or across the chest.
Aaku means I am in Maasai Language and the source of inspiration comes from the traditional Maasai Olbene bag only in a small size compared to the Ashe bag.
It has been re-designed for the modern, urban and minimalistic beings that believe in their own potential to make small positive changes.Measurements of the Aaku collection 8’’ w 6’’ h
Kips leather used on the Aaku collection

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  • Measurements of the Aaku collection 8’’ w 6’’h
  • Kips leather used on the Aaku collection


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