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Amuka is the name given to the face-molded bag collection.

Handmade from quality leather for the outer part, and cotton African print lining on the inner part, it has the leather strap intertwined on each side of the bag and fits comfortably over the shoulder.

Amuka means to wake up in the Kamba language, it portrays the power of unity from different tribes in Kenya by sharing skills we have inherited over time to create an awakening luxury piece.

The design creation involves three artisans; a woodcarver, a leather pattern maker, and the designer. It characterizes the strength of togetherness within the Kenyan tribes (Kamba, Turkana, and Luo Tribe artisans) using different techniques to produce this bag.

The process of molding the Amuka bag involves using wet leather, which is naturally dyed, then placed on the wooden sculpted face, finishing with sun drying.

The inspiration for the Amuka bag is from the African wood Sculpted carrier that was used in the past African traditional society, mostly in Central Africa for storing dried foods e.g dried meats and grains.

In Kenya, the wooden sculpted bag was mainly crafted and used by the Kamba tribe, who are well known for their fine work in wood carving.

The Kamba people were also known as long-distance traders in the traditional past and they used wooden bags to store cereal grains and herbal medicines.

The Amuka bag is the most adored collection by Artists, Fashionistas, Collectors, and Eclectic beings.

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  • Measurements of Amuka set 17’w 16 ‘’h
  • Strap size 38 ‘’ –fixed setting
  • Logo mounted on the interior of the bag
  • Tie and Dye silk scarf gift represents the process of hand made
  • Full-grain leather has been used to craft the Amuka series collection.

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Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 cm

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