Akiting Set


Akiting is the name given to the capacious-sized African gourd-inspired bag collection.

Handmade from quality leather for the outer part, and cotton African print lining on the inner part, it has brass hook material that joins the leather strap to the bag which is fixed and that sits comfortably on the elbow or over the shoulder.
Akiting means to carry in the Turkana language, it mirrors the abundance of natural resources in the African continent but also carries the burden of exploitation.

An Akiting bag shows the richness of African luxury design coming from its cultural roots as a statement piece of opulence.
The bag is highly favored by two kinds of beings.

The Fashionistas because it’s so extra that perfectly screams going big is the only option and the world is your fashion runway.
Ultimately, the being that loves to leave the house having everything in one big bag on the go.

The collection has been inspired by the gourds that were and are used in various African homes for different purposes.

All of Akire’s leather bags are made by hand from the stitching to the beadwork and color tanning; lastly, the logos are attached to the bags.

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Measurements of the Akiting set 20’’w22’’h

Strap size 23 –in full

Tie and Dye Silk scarf gifted as a representation of the handmade process.

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